Yahoo enables you to send or receive emails as well as search for required information. The archive option in Yahoo has been made available to store all the important mails at one place securely. This will save your time in searching for the important mails during the time of urgency and will allow recovering them sooner. It also reduces the number of emails you have to go through every day. The mails which you will transfer in the archive folder will move from the inbox and will no longer appear there. You can also consult Online Yahoo Chat for all the queries you have regarding the same.

Following are the steps to be performed to move your Yahoo emails into archive folder:
  • Open your Yahoo account.
  • Go to the General section and choose to view all the emails on a single page.
  • Select the box of the emails which you want to move to the archives section.
  • After selecting the number of mails, this will move them to the archive folder by clicking on the archives icon given there.
  • You can do this regularly to keep your emails organized.
  • You can view the archived mails in the folder named as ‘Archive’.
  • You can also directly transfer a mail to the archive folder by directly clicking on the archive icon while reading the email.
Other than this you can also follow the given procedure to keep your emails organized:
  • Open the Yahoo account.
  • Open the folder from which you want to move some emails.
  • Mark the checkbox of the emails which you want to move. You can select multiple emails as well as the complete folder at a time.
  • Open the move menu or you can use the move icon to transfer the emails by selecting the folder from the drop-down menu.
  • Select the folder where you want to move the emails or you can also create a new folder for the same by clicking on ‘Create Folder’.
  • This will let you transfer all the important emails to separate folders which can be easily accessed later.
All the doubts and queries which are encountered while using Yahoo will be answered at Yahoo email help number by our certified technicians. They will help you in providing your email account a more organized look as well as will resolve the technical glitches you face while sending or receiving emails.

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